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Additional Programming

Everyone thinks of the Exhibit Hall and Technical Sessions, but did you know there is a lot more programming to experience?

Breakfasts and Lunches

  • Book your breakfasts or lunches

  • Don’t forget the FWEA and FWRC Awards lunches are included in the price of a Full Registration

  • Breakfasts and Lunches available:

FSSSSS Breakfast - Tuesday

FWRC Awards Lunch – Wednesday

FWEA Awards Lunch – Thursday

FWEA Utility Council Breakfast – Friday


  • Women of Water Forum: This interactive panel from across the water sector share their experiences, inspirations and what motivates them. The event allows for peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge and support featuring key questions for thought for all in the industry. 

  • Utility / Plant Tour: Location TBA 

  • FWPCOA Operators Showcase: A review and discussion for operators of all levels impacted by changes in Florida regulations.

  • Scavenger Hunt: All Attendees can participate in the Scavenger Hunt within the FWRC conference app.

  • Top Ops: The AWWA Top Ops is the “College Bowl” of the water industry. Teams of one, two, or three water operators or lab personnel compete against each other in a fast-paced competitive question-and-answer tournament where a moderator asks a broad range of technical questions to the participating teams, and they have a limited time to answer. 

Secondary Events


Night Events

  • President’s Reception: Join us on Tuesday night in the Exhibit Hall, additional details coming.

  • Wednesday's Social Event: Details TBD.

WEF Bookstore

The WEF Bookstore will be the convening spot for attendees interested in discounted resources for all stages of their careers, including training materials, Manuals of Practice, standards, and general management titles. WEF- and water-themed merchandise will be available for attendees to purchase for family, staff, and clients. Bookstore visitors will receive a free gift and chance to win a free subscription when they get a brief demonstration of Access Water, the Water Environment Federation’s technical content library of more than 20,000 pieces of technical content.

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