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Hamlin Water Reclamation Facility Tour

Date: Tuesday March 2, 2024
Time: TBD
Cost: TBD

The Hamlin Water Reclamation Facility (HWRF) resides on 50 acres in the Horizon West/Winter Garden section of Orange County and has a permitted treatment capacity of 5 million gallons per day. This advanced domestic wastewater treatment facility currently treats a daily average of 3million gallons and serves approximately 40,000 people. The operating permit represents the first of three construction phases, and initial treatment of flows began in October 2022. 

The HWRF currently uses a 5-stage Bardenpho-type process that includes screening, odor control, grit removal, aeration with nitrification and denitrification, secondary clarification,supplemental chemical feed (if necessary), disk filtration units, and chlorination. Biosolids are processed through gravity belt thickening equipment and stored in holding tanks for eventual transport. Reclaimed water produced is stored in the public access reuse tank and pumped off-site to Water Conserv II.

The facility is staffed 16 hours a day by one Senior Operations Specialist, five Plant Specialists, one Senior Utilities Maintenance Coordinator, one Industrial Electrician, and two Industrial Mechanics.

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