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Select Which Competition: Ops Challenge(Monday)
Best Drinking Water(Tuesday)
Tops Ops Challenge(Tuesday)
Year: 2020
Date: 8/5/2020
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I (WE) AGREE THAT ALL TEAM MEMBERS HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THE RULES, AND MEET ALL THE REQUIREMENTS NECESSARY TO COMPETE. As a participant in the competition, we acknowledge that while participating in any and all events I/we may encounter the risk of injury or accident. I/We hereby accept and assume all such risks and danger incidental to my participation. I/We agree that the Florida Water Resources Conference Inc., any member association, suppliers of products and equipment, are not responsible for claims and demands of whatever nature, actions and causes of action, damages, costs, loss, of service, expenses, and compensation on account of or in any way growing out of personal injuries and/or property damage having already resulting at any time in the future as a result and by reason of my/our participation in this event.