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Member Organizations

Three membership-based organizations collectively host the Florida Water Resources Conference annually. What began as a simple water drop, with the collaboration from FWEA, FWPCOA and FSAWWA, is now making waves of innovation for the industry.


The FWEA’s local chapters, student chapters, committees and Utility Council help to unite Florida's clean water professionals responsible for protecting the environment through education programs, professional development and promotion of sound public policy.

More than 70 years after its creation, FWEA continues to make historic differences in the advancement of the water environment, science and technology, making it a leading professional water organization in Florida. Our history says a lot about the leadership, dedication and hard work of the members of this organization

FWEA Member Fees
Professional: $50 - $203
Corporate / Executive: $373 - $448
​Academics/Students: $24 - $203

The FWPCOA is an organization of members who are engaged in the production, treatment and distribution of drinking water; the collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater; and/or the collection and treatment of stormwater. To help organize and provide better service, the state of Florida is divided into 13 regions. 


The purpose of the FWPCOA is to protect the health of the citizens & preserve the natural resources. We accomplish this by advancing the professional status of water and wastewater operators, providing a licensing system, and arranging training programs.

FWPCOA Member Fees

MEMBER: $30 each

The Florida Section is dedicated to ensuring Florida's present and future generations a sufficient supply of high-quality drinking water by providing critical information and opportunities to over 2,600 members. We are uniting the water community to effectively manage WATER, the world’s most important resource

FSAWWA Member Fees

Individuals: $259, with discounts available for students, young professionals, and operators

Utilities: dues are calculated based on the number of service connections

Service Providers: dues are calculated based on gross annual sales to the water industry

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